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Mickey Gunn

"Great Northern humour "

About Mickey

Mickeygunn Gunn


Mickey Gunn is football mad! He was born in Carlisle.
Whilst getting a good level of education, he played lots
of sports. Mickey has represented the UK in Athletics,
Football and Rugby Union. The comedy break came
when he wrote the now famous "Rindicella". If you play
golf, you may realise that Mickey is a regular member of
The Celebrity Golf Tour. On Channel 4 in April there is a programme entitled "After Dinner Speakers for the Millennium". If you switch on to this, you will be in the company of Mickey Gunn. "WHO WILL ALSO BE WATCHING THIS PROGRAMME". While "House Chairman" of his beloved golf club, the Captain wrote a letter to one of the members."It has come to my notice,you have been having an affair with my wife.I would suggest you leave the golf club,if not the area, to save further embarassment". The member wrote back "IN RECEIPT OF YOUR CIRCULAR"

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