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Malcolm Lord

Sports Commentator/comedian all round entertainer

About Malcolm

Malcolm Lord.


Malcolm started his career in sport at Rochdale Hornets "Nil"
and never really recovered. Before becoming Chief Rugby League Commentator for BBC Radio in the North West, he was Head Gateman at the club. The object of the job was to stop people climbing over, during the 3 years he was in charge, only 5 people got out! He then became Company Secretary and was under constant pressure with problems like; how many pies to order, what flavour crisps to buy, and just were is the club cat?
The athletic ground where the Hornets used to play, before it became "Morrisons Superstore" (and started attracting much better attendances) is sadly no more. Malcolm is adamant that
it was pure coincidence that this coincided with his appointment!

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