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Everard Crisp

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Everards first alBUM was recorded live at The Uphill Gardeners Arms, in the gay village.  Everard was promptly arrested after the concert and charged with " Receiving Swollen Goods " .  The charge was later dropped for the lesser offence of "Assault with a Friendly Weapon"   to which he pleaded guilty!

Everard's other claim to fame was gay iconic underwear, in 1967 he invented the " Y Back " undercrackers.

In the 1970's Everard toured with ABBA,   and fell deeply in love with the blonde one........  his name was Bjorn!

EVERARD CRISP came up the hard way, starting at the bottom.  He grasped opportunities whenever they arose,  with enthusiastic support from close friends.  He starred for a season at the ASSIENDA, then "A GAY DIVORCEE " followed.  he excelled as "WIDOW T WANKEY " in the record breaking run of " MOTHER'S GOOSED " at the famous "HARDWICK HIPPODROME "


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