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Dave Barron

Jewish Comedian, master of dry, laconic humour,
known in showbiz circles as "The Poisoned Dwarf"

About Dave

Dave Baron. Salford Comic


Salford lad but will travel.
Dave started with a band in the sixties, and toured Germany.
He went solo in the 70`s, Doing summer seasons in I.O.M,
Jersey and Blackpool. He has worked with many people like
Bob Monkhouse, Bernard Manning, Frank Carson,
Ken Dodd Freddie Starr, Les Dawson and Les Dennis,
to name a few.Dave also worked in Malta, Florida and Ireland. 
He can be seen propping up the bar in Coronation Street
or walking through the green fields in Emmerdale Farm.

..."I will give it another 25 years." D B.

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