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Buzz Hawkins

The man behind the Bradshaws!!

About Buzz

Buzz Hawkins. The man behind the Bradshaws


Buzz of course is the voice behind the very funny
radio comedy show "The Bradshaws"
Most people don`t see the face of Buzz, I can`t even
get his photo, to put on this page!! You may know
some of the stuff he has produced though! Like:
The latest TV series of "Comedians"and
"Stuart`s Hall Of Fame" on Granada Plus. Buzz
also wrote many sketches, for the "Grumbleweeds"
Buzz is currently appearing on wind-up radios between: The top and bottom of the UK, in and around
Spain, and the residual side of South Africa!!
Twice nominated for the Sony Award for
"The Best Use Of Comedy On Radio"

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